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Oceans 2400 is a microgame hack of 24XX and inspired by Blades in the Dark for playing fast paced cinematic heists like those in Oceans 11, The Italian Job, and Mission Impossible.

Are you the Face, talking your way into and out of dangerous situations? The Demo Expert, ready to tackle any obstacle with high energy solutions? The Mastermind, with a cunning ace up your sleeve? Or the Veteran, here for one last job before retirement? Take on one of nine roles and use your unique skills to form a crew to break, enter, and rob.

Trick guards, bypass laser defenses, crack safes, and hack computers to get away with your prize. If something goes horribly wrong, don't worry! Flashback to an earlier scene to reveal how this was actually part of your plan all along.

Includes GM tools for tracking the level of alarm and alertness of the situation during a heist, along with a generator to create high stake heists with dramatic twists waiting in the wings.

Written for the 24XX Jam.

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The Alarm Die mechanic is honestly brilliant. Bravo for fitting so much design into such a tight space.