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This game is dead. I'm leaving it up mostly for posterity and because people occasionally download it for some reason.

I ran some playtests, and found the game to be fiddly, over complicated, and mostly just not much fun.

I've abandoned this project, and instead started working on an Into the Odd hack called Brighter Worlds. It carries a little bit of the spirit of Hit Dice Dungeons in it, although it's mechanically pretty different, so take a look if you're curious.


Hit Dice Dungeons is a heavily Work In Progress RPG where your character is primarily represented by a single die, their Hit Die.

Characters roll their Hit Die to avoid threats and accomplish risky tasks, but it also abstracts their "HP" or ability to avoid harm. As they weather damage their Hit Die will shrink in size until it fizzles entirely.

Features a quick resolution combat system that's simple to run but flexible enough to handle interesting and complex actions.

Heavily inspired by Eric Nieudan's Macchiato Monsters and Chris McDowall's Electric Bastionland (along with many other games).

Currently includes:

  • Core Rules
  • Rules for Magic and Spell Creation (and 18 spells)
  • Eight Character Backgrounds (many more to be added in the future)
  • A Small Bestiary (along with guidelines for creating and converting monsters)
  • GM Tools for using Usage Dice to Abstract Complicated Situations
  • A Simple and Flexible Advancement System
  • Character Sheet

Expect things to change dramatically as playtesting and development progress.

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