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Brighter Worlds is a fantasy tabletop RPG with selective crunch.

Assembled on a foundation of Into the Odd using pieces of Cairn, Macchiato Monsters, Dungeon World and several more games it attempts to follow the(vague, under-defined) ideas and philosophies of the New School Revolution.
This game is unfinished, and very much a work in progress. As playtests continue things will change and the unfinished portions will be fleshed out (unless the playtests show that the game is bad and unfun, as with this game's predecessor).
It is being written specifically for use at my table in my home game, but if anyone else happens to play it I would love to hear any and all feedback here or on twitter.

The incredible artwork in this game is all from Perplexing Ruins' and Evlyn Moreau's incredible Patreons.


Brighter Worlds v0.6.0 Singles.pdf 29 MB
Brighter Worlds v0.6.0 Spreads.pdf 29 MB
Brighter Worlds v0.5.0 Singles.pdf 28 MB
Brighter Worlds v0.5.0 Spreads.pdf 28 MB
BrighterWorldsFillableCharacterSheet.pdf 48 kB

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