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Brighter Worlds is a whimsical fantasy tabletop RPG with modular crunch. It is my attempt to bridge the gap between GMs (and players) who want minimal rules in fast, lightweight systems with players who want a more involved character creation, and fiddly rules to muck around with.

Each class (named Callings in this game) has it's own set of rules that (mostly) don't interact or involve anything else in the book. So each player only has to worry about the things on their own Calling's page. Each of the (currently) fifteen Callings is designed to appeal to a different sort of player. Ranging from the Alchemist, for players who are constantly collecting every plant and animal part they find to mix together into potions. to the Cleric of Small Gods for players who prefer freeform magic systems over spell lists.

Contains 50 spells, fast, flashy and fleeting magic you can cast in a fight, along with 50 rituals which are slower, more complicated, and more powerful.

Writing & Layout by David Lombardo.

Artwork by Evlyn Moreau.

Pocket Mod character sheets by Brian Stauffer.

Text only online SRD found here: https://brighterworldsrpg.com/

Brighter World’s text is licensed under CC-BY-SA 4.0

It is unfinished, currently at Beta 0.3 almost there!

Rules based on Into the Odd by Chris McDowall (www.bastionland.com), Cairn by Yochai Gal (cairnrpg.org), and Macchiato Monsters by Eric Nieudan (@surcapitaine).

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