Wizard Trash, Goblin Treasure is here! Also a small update.

Wizard Trash, Goblin Treasure is finally here!

Wizard Trash, Goblin Treasure is a madcap fantasy adventure of summoned autonomous drones, resourceful goblins, and a down-on-his-luck wizard with a penchant for transdimensional retail therapy.

Itch Page here: https://awkwardturtle.itch.io/wizard-trash-goblin-treasure

Risograph Print here: https://store.cairnrpg.com/products/wizard-trash-goblin-treasure

More print copies are in the mail headed towards other stores as we speak.

For actual Brighter Worlds, the requisite “typo squashing” update that happens a few days after any big update is up. No big need to redownload as there are no big changes, and I’m sure I’m still missing a bunch of typos.

I’ve also fixed a bunch of broken hyperlinks on the website.


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99 days ago

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Is the Wizard Trash, Goblin Treasure adventure also risograph? If so that’s really cool. How was the process? I want to do that for a game I’m working on.

It is! And it turned out really well, it looks great.

As for the process I’d have to direct you to Brian for the details, as he did all the layout. I know that some software makes it easier, but he had a somewhat complicated template/layer system in Affinity Publisher set up to handle exporting the different colors.