Out Of Breath - Update to 0.6.2

Update time!

No big changes, but I’ve added sections on Oxygen Tracking and Exploration to the core rules, along with a handful of typo fixes from the prior update.

I’ve also done a bunch of reworking of the project files which should (hopefully) not really be visible to the reader but will make updating things in the future a lot easier for me. The bookmarks and anchors should be cleaned up a bit (although I fully expect to have messed up at least a few of those somewhere).


My goals for this subsystem were:

  • Fully modular, so not using the rules doesn’t impact anything else.
  • Impactful enough to ensure players have to plan around it and it has interesting implications in play.
  • Simple enough that it doesn’t bog down the game.
  • Capable of replicating dramatic “push your luck to do a thing before you run out of O2” moments from movies.

I’ve modeled it after tracking torches/light sources from a traditional dungeon crawling games, as they fill a similar role.

I’d love to hear feedback from anyone regarding these addition!

Thanks everyone,



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May 05, 2023

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