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A nice supplement for exploring a magical woodland! No stats and monsters or fighting. But there's mood and atmosphere and encounters with the natural world.

I purchased a copy of it from Around the Table Game Pub in Lynnwood WA. 

Rad! I’ll add the community copies.

Did you get a digital copy through Bits & Mortar as well? If not I can send you a key.

Hey, AwkwardTurtle, very inspiring thing! Thank you.

Would really like to use Echelon Forest, but not able to buy it right now. Are there more community copies available?

Wish you great success.


Just updated with some more, grab one while they’re there!

any chance of more community copies?

Thanks for the reminder! Just updated them based on recent sales + some extra.


Got one when it was just for free - LOVE IT. 

Thank you! Enjoy!


Just ran a really chill one-shot with a single player using the 2400 system!

That’s awesome, great system pairing as well!

Thanks for sharing, I’ll add the community copies!

Hello! I've just run a D&D session for my kids using a map generated with this, and some random encounter tables. It's a great tool, can you recommend anything similar either by you or others?


That’s fantastic, thanks for sharing.

For things I’ve written, Wallet Dungeons is the only thing that creates full places to explore. I’ve also got Waypoints but that’s more of a feature within a larger map.

From other people, there are some online ones I’m aware of:

One Page Dungeon

Dizzy Dragon

Some pen and paper dice rolling:

Hedonic Ink’s Die Drop Dungeons

Esoteric Enterprises has a bunch of die drop generators in it, but it’s all modern/urban fantasy stuff and may not be the genre or tone you’re looking for.

I’m sure there are more that I’m not thinking of at the moment.


I made a map using this!r/ttrpgDiy - A map made based on "A Traveler's Guide to the Echelon Forest"


This is extremely cool! Thanks so much for sharing!


Love it!

I think there is an error in the title on page 18, it should be 5, 11 and 17, not 16.


You are correct, thank you! I've fixed it in the source and the pdfs will be fixed in the next update.


Did you make the art for this? It looks amazing.


I did not! I have no artistic skills at all. Almost all of the artwork is in the public domain from old travelogues or nature books. They're sourced through the British Library's Flickr page.

The one exception is the example random dungeon in the back of the book was drawn by


is this supposed to be a game? 


no, it's a tool for people running a traditional rpg table


A good read, I liked your diagrams and dungeon tool at the end :)


Had a lot of fun with this!


Don't you think the same mechanics could generate a town?


Absolutely! At its core this is just a glorified d66 table with some extra bits attached.

If you made a d66 table of locations (or a subset of d66) and a 2d6 table of roads or connections you could apply it to almost anything. Adjust the extra mechanics based on what you're specifically trying to generate.


the three references on page 6 are two pages behind what they mean to be. i also failed to understand 'going off trail' and the passage of time system. fun way to get a map going though, even with insufficient dice.


Ahh, thanks for the note on the references. I'll fix those, and the pdf should be good on the next update.

For going off trail, my intent is that it's if people decide to "off road" it and just cut directly through the forest. I agree I didn't make that clear enough though, I'll add some extra explanation in the next version.

I love the drawing! Super cool to see how the forest looks for other people, and I honestly appreciate seeing the result with fewer dice than I used.


The Seasons have some impossible values.

  • Given that Paths cannot cross the meridian and There must be at least one route connecting the two forest entrances., the Heart must always be connected to 2 (or 3) paths, so the Season can never be 1 (Spring). It must be at least 2.
  • Also, it can never be over 18 since A given location [including the Heart] cannot have more than 3 connected paths.

Ahh, you're right. An earlier draft allowed up to 4 connections to the Heart, but I ended up changing that for the sake of simplicity to just let the Heart act like the other locations. Just forgot to update the list of values. I left the value of 1 in there just to let the lists of numbers all be the same length, although that's a moot point if I fix the list to account for the other issue.

If I thought I could get away with just writing Sum Mod 4 + 1 I'd do that, but listing the values seemed like the better option.


I totally love this! Very useful and the layout is dope!